Custom Metal Tiles for Architectural and Decorative Applications

octagonal tile with pisces designTiles don’t have to be square anymore.

Metatiles, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of metal tiles and decorative architectural details in brass, bronze, copper, nickel and stainless steel. Natural, oxidized or hand-colored finishes are available for each of these different metals, and tile thickness ranges from .004″ to .250″.

Metal tiles by Metatiles are manufactured by the process of chemical milling — also known as photo-etching — unique in the field of decorative metal products for architectural applications. Thanks to this technical process, metal tiles don’t have to be square any more! Now, the outside shape of the tile is open to design, no longer limited by straight lines. Standard shapes are available too. Unlike cast tiles, etched metal tiles have the ability to deliver accurate details and precise tolerances where needed. Achieving deeply engraved surfaces or finely pierced patterns are no problem for Metatiles. The flat and even surfaces make them ideal for wall and floor applications. All tooling, including custom work, is computer generated by Metatiles’ staff of experienced designers.

Metal tiles by Metatiles are the perfect way to create new looks for walls, flooring, signage, lighting, and peripheral accessories such as switch plate covers, door plates, even metal accents for detailing furniture. Metatiles also manufactures decorative, custom metal commemoratives and collectibles for grand openings and give-aways.

With unsurpassed design expertise, high quality products, a unique approach to tile making, and twenty-two years of experience in the chemical milling industry, Metatiles is the name to think of when your project calls for metal tiles. All products are made in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.


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