Metatiles can design one of a kind commemoratives to celebrate important events in architecture. Minimum order: 250 pieces. Minimum design and tooling charge: $375. Minimum lead time from design approval to shipping: 4 weeks

Roll mouse over images of products for a brief description of each.

  1. Metatiles tile: the basis of what we do. Metal tiles of all sizes and shapes for the architectural design industries… buildings have never looked so good.
  2. Boston Skylines Desk Ornament captures the architectural beauty of a city skyline for all time. Special buildings can be featured … virtually any city can be commemorated in this way. Create a custom skyline showing just the buildings your design team worked on. Great gifts in your state, your region and your city.
  3. The Rhode Island State House, an architectural beauty, re-created in beautiful detail as a standing desk ornament or hanging decoration. Do you have a client with a building they are celebrating?
  4. When CVS Pharmacy changed its look, we created this ornament to celebrate the new design. 2000 pieces were created for this special event.
  5. Two tone, gold and silver, 3-D lighthouse with seagulls circling.
  6. Boston Skylines photo frame: choose a city or buildings to feature for your own custom frame. Hangs or stands.
  7. The Cloisters: this is a replica of one of the famous windows from The Cloisters in New York City, made expressly for the Metropolitan Museum. Gold plated brass with stained glass epoxy colors. Hangs in window.
  8. Bookmarks: These were created to illustrate the doors of historical homes on Benefit Street, Providence, Rhode Island.
  9. Architectural building feature: take a single key architectural feature and use it as an ornament, bookmark or keyring,
  10. Rocking Chairs: these collectible ornaments illustrate the architectural features of furniture … we make miniatures too.
  11. The UN Building, NYC designed as a hanging/standing ornament.
  12. The UN Building, NYC designed as a valet key-ring.
  13. The Gates of Newport, RI at Christmas time designed as a hanging/standing ornament.

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