Metatiles can be applied to any clean, reasonably smooth, dry, and stable interior or exterior surface. This includes concrete, drywall, plywood surfaces, and hardwoods.

Most of the standard adhesives used for ceramics and natural tiles are suitable for use with Metatiles. The type of adhesive is determined by use (interior or exterior) and by application (vertical for walls or flat for floors).

The thickness of the tile determines weight, as with any other type of tile. With Metatiles, there are several options of thickness, which can be selected. This will directly correlate to the type of adhesive required, particularly with vertical surfaces. Thinner metal tiles can be directly placed on walls with tape adhesives, the same adhesives used in applying wall mirrors. The heavier thickness metal tiles need to be treated as you would treat any other fine tile of similar weight such as granite or marble.

For exterior applications we recommend using more aggressive adhesives such as 2 part epoxies.

Please call us with any question you may have.

Handling and Cleaning:

Depending upon the finish you select for your tiles, metal surfaces can be more susceptible to staining and fingerprinting. We recommend that the installer where gloves while handling the tiles, especially naturally finished tiles to avoid extra cleanup or damage to the surface.

Do not use abrasive cleaners if your tiles have special finishes. Clean up can be accomplished with a damp, soft, non-abrasive cloth. Metal tiles are like jewelry. They deserve care in handling so they are not damaged upon installation. For natural finishes we can recommend a variety of readily available fine polishes.

Natural metal tiles get better with age and wear. Specialty finishes will give you many years of beauty but are recommended for interiors where they are subject to less harsh environmental exposure.

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