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At Metatiles, we strive to excel in creativity and well-engineered products to bring the beauty of metal tiles into living and work spaces. Our metal tiles are ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Our tiles are sold to architects, design builders, contractors, and interior designers who work closely with their clients to specify Metatiles. Besides tiles, we also manufacture other types of metal elements used for decorating interiors or exteriors such as signage and wall decorations. Our pierced elements can be used with glass and wood or incorporated into lighting, and screening. The many ways you can use Metatiles are limitless!

The intrinsic value of solid metal tiles, along with the enduring beauty of the metals themselves with their ability to grow more beautiful with age in their natural finishes, intrigues us and challenges us to push design to the edge. Whether you need one design feature or tiles to fill an auditorium, we can do it for you effortlessly and efficiently. We love what we do and we love the metals and the process we work with. It is with this pleasure that we present Metatiles to you.

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P.S. Currently, Metatiles manufactures custom etched metal tiles and elements. We expect to launch an open line of metal tiles in the very near future.

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The Manufacturing Process

The process is known as chemical milling or photo-etching. It is a process that is used in the hi-tech world of electronic components. We take that same process and use it to create decorative metal tiles and elements. At Metatiles, we are able to etch both the shapes (outside dimensions) and the design pattern (surface engravings) all at one time for metals from .004″-.060″. For thicknesses above .060″ to .250″, we use waterjet technology to cut the shape of the outer edges. The process allows for tremendous flexibility in terms of design and precision, two components of manufacturing that rarely go together, but do at Metatiles.

Brass, bronze, copper, nickel, stainless, and sterling silver are our metals of preference. We do not etch in aluminum. Finishes can be varied from raw to very refined plated or colored finishes.

The Design Process

How do we design and put the designs to metal? Our designers are all graphic artists and experts in the process of designing for the chemical milling process. We can communicate via photos, sketches or any visual element to understand a client’s design needs. We then interpret the design onto films via computers and can easily sample a design in metal for the client to work with. Production tooling is generated from this initial sample tooling. Each project is quoted at the initiation of the client’s design submission. As the film tooling is computer generated, it is extremely economical and efficient. Tooling charges are nominal and can be easily amortized into the production run. The films are used to transfer the registered images onto the sheet metal. From this transfer of image, we then engrave and pierce the metal.

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